Friday, 18 November 2005

Will normal service ever be resumed?

So yes, we do have internet at home and, yes, it would be quicker to walk round to all your houses with a photoalbum and tell you all what was going on so my blogging has not got quite back to speed - sorry loyal readers. Plus there has been an upset to normal events. Two upsets actually. And now I need to be careful about the order in which I mention them...
  1. Mr Pooch (the hero of our tale) went to A&E yesterday because, in his own words, his head went pop and he almost passed out. This also happened at the louvre so am concerned at the frequency. The loely doctor at A&E couldn't find anything so I trotted him (pooch, not the doctor) round to register witht he GP this morning who has prescribed tests, tests and more tests. Poor little Poochikins. I'll keep you all posted.
  2. Eddie Guerero is dead.

Now don't waste my time sitting there saying 'who' because you all know he was one of the latino wrestlers on WWE and was one of the main characters, loved by all for his rascally high jinx and goofing and he was only 38 when he had a heart attack last weekend. I know this all sounds weird and I have had trouble accepting it myself bwecause it does sound like a stupid plot line but it really has happened and he leaves behind him a wife and two-kids. I saw a tribute to him last night at Denning's house and you've got these 7ft 300lb men crying and hugging each other and talking about the tricks they got up to together and all this and I swear if I wasn't so pumped full of anti-d's I would have been weeping in a puddle on the floor. It really is unbelievably sad and tragic and people I really am serious about this so please no smart cracks about wrestling today. Today we mourn Eddie.

I'll get back to the knitting tomorrow.

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C x said...

My b/f is a huge wrestling nut. He's been kinda dazed about the Eddie thing most of this week.

Normal service *will* be resumed. Just hang on in there and remember when the skies are darkest the stars shine the brightest.

C x

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