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Showing posts from June 12, 2005

Parcel Two

This is not the aforementioned parcel. This is one that just got delivered to work just this minute. Ladies and gents, I would like to introduce you to some pale blue/grey baby cashmerino and some cashmerino aran in a kind of dirty golden brown colour (underneath the cone of blue).

And then some rusty red merino aran and two smaller cones of cotton cashmere.

All curtesy of Coldspring and all a stunning 1p a gram. One peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! woo hoo.

Yes I know. I am a yarn addict. Completely and utterly. Undeniably. More knitting, Miss Byrne, less stashing.

It is all so soft and lovely. Sheila at Coldspring is a god. And adam. Yay! Yarn! Two long hours before I can realistically hop it home and get swatching.

But wait, what light from yonder parcel breaks....

I have a parcel! yay, I love post. It is either the stuff from knithappens, coldspring, or something unexpected from my secret pal. Frankly I'm hoping it's the knit happens stuff as I ordered it so long ago and the first parcel got lost and and and... will find out later today.

Just as an aside I have thought up more of my favourite words. Here they are: alchemy, pernickity, pfaff, lush, awesome, bean, tea. I don't like tea but I feel I have a real aptitude for saying it :)

How wonderful are knitters?

To my astonishment no one has come a beat me up about being so rubbish at pledges. And...being knitters...they are far more interested in what I got from coldspinr - which I will duly display the moment it arrives. Not wanting to leave my audience disappointed though I do have some goodies to display.

This yarn is from this ebay seller People - go look at their stuff. The yarn I got today is soooo soft and still has that faintly sheepy smell that tells you this is the good stuff. Aran weight and propoer oatmeal coloured. Going to knit a jumper for dad2 aka Rob.

I have started work on some of the sock yarn I got from the yarn house and I'm loving the colours. I've taken these picswith my webcam so the quality is r.u.b.b.i.s.h. so they are much brighter than this. I counted this morning- I need to make at least 8 pairs of socks for xmas presents! The yellow hump is the heel which is done by short row shaping, because I am sane and knit…

Don't mention the ....

yarn. It was Coldspring. They did it. I'd emailed them before I made the promise and then they emailed back yesterday and I was weak. WEAK!!!! OK!!!! Just when I'd gushed on UKHK about how I'd be a better person for not breaking it. Godamnit.

So now we're not going to mention the yarn, OK?

Anyway, not mentioning the yarn in any way, my secret pal got her first gift in the post yesterday - was some stuff we aren't mentioning from hipknits and some of my stitchmarkers I'd made from butterfly buttons and silver wire. People have left really nice comments about them too which is nice.

Am all irritated at work at the mo. Meant I was all depressed when left yesterday so didn't go to tai chi. 40mg fluoxetine a day and I still feel like I'm swimming against the current the whole time. Am going through a faze of just wanting to sink down into it and relax into the darkness but I doubt I'll be able to dig out again. There's only so many times you bother fixi…

No knitting to show still but...

27 days to go

Did some of the kaffe fasset last night and some of the black basketweave tunic and managed to stop myself starting another project - socks in some of the yarn I bought on Saturday. Nothing worth posting though.

27 days...was wondering whather a solution was to take the loop opening 'off' and add an extra day on the end. One of the lovely commenters suggested an extra month - wow, could I really do that? But I feel I must be sustaining the livelihood of at least 3 independant retailiers so I would feel too guilty not buying for that long. Delusions of grandeur? Never!

Damn and blast

28 days

BUT Loop is opening on 2nd July. This leaves me with a problem, or rather an ethical conundrum. Because I want to support local business. And I want yarn. But I promised. Hum.

Have left my medication at home today which isn't the end of the world - I'll just take it when I get back. But it does leave me wondering whether my wrath against my fellow colleagues is a result of this, PMT or just because they are f*cking stupid. Not all of them, just the ones who feel my wrath. I like the word wrath. Other words I like include conundrum, dearth, finicky and erstwhile. Of course one should not swear in a blog. Afterall, children might be reading. But sometimes, I don't know. I guess it's like eating chocolate when you know you shoudn't. Sometimes you just *have* to.


29 days to go.

Thanks for your messages of support (and warnings!). Sunday is a traditional ebay day so I am feeling a little shaky. Pooch is laughing like the moose he is and wants me to come and 'help' him carry a new computer house thing as he accidentally threw away a vital bit of the old one. Hesays it will help distract me.

It's not like I haven't got enough yarn to keep me more than happy for the month. Especially after yesterday. As Kate says, in with love - out with hate. Will just continue my deep breathing.