Thursday, 13 April 2006

Pooch is/isn't ill (delete as appropriate)

Pooch rang me at lunchtime yesterday to tell me he was seriously ill and to stand by. He went off to the doc (private, female) and told her his list of woes and she told him he was coming down with pukka full-blown flu and should go to bed immediately and stay there for the duration. (She also asked him if he was depressed as he 'looked it'. A: He's from Manchester so this is his default face. B: Depressed people don't have to look depressed.)
So home he comes laden with paracetamol, juice and grapes plus some random medication the female gave him and hops into bed feeling all the symptoms he told the doc he had coming on. Evening falls. Pooch eats a hearty dinner of sausage and mash and goes to bed all happy. Moning breaks. Pooch sleeps in and waked up quite fine. Flu? I think not.

Now let me list the ways in which this has affected my life....
  1. This is MY freaking holiday. It is not supposed to have a mangey Pooch sitting in the middle of it.
  2. I was worried I might be contagious so didn't go to my knitting group making it THREE weeks in a row I haven't gone now.
  3. I was unable to really with all my wool because Pooch gets antsy about mess.
  4. So I had to go out unexpectedly.
Anyway. I went out before he had felt able to declare himself a germfree zone and mooched about and didn't have fun and then came back to find him perfectly fine. (He maintains he is very achey....pah.)

On the plus side, I got a baby crochet pattern book out of it when he went merrily off to the supermarket to buy rancid fishcakes which he has just forcefed me. And the accompanyment? Lettuce..... with vinegar. Mmmm mm. Pooch is saying this is all lies but we know who tells the truth round here right?

Anyway, perhaps I do have just a tad of PMT but he is still a complete poo.

In other news, Flossie asked if I knew of any contemporary cross stitch kits. Let me draw your attention to this site. I found these when I went to that show at Olympia a few weeks back. But basically Black Sheep is a safe bet for having something to satisfy all tastes at a decent price - just bear with the site as it is a bit clumsy to surf but there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from and all well categorised.

In other other news, I have started the ewa sockwolle that Helen so lovelyly gave me. It knits up very nicely - I was worried it would be hard to knit because it is made up of a selection of thin strands but in fact its been fine except one strand seems to keep getting slack so I'm guessing that one's made of something different. But it's not a problem and I'm loving them. In fact, and if this doesn't prove I'm mad then nothing will, I am making these for Pooch. Not that he deserves them at all. Pooface. The camera is awol again or I would show you their loveliness.

Now for fear of boring you I must explain by pre-absence for the next few days with the news that I, Byrne, am to attend a Man Utd game in Manchester tomorrow. I agreed to this before Pooch revealed his true depravity of the past few days but I wish to assure you I will be knitting while their ugly players storm the field. Amen.


littlelixie said...

This is Pooch himself publishing a retort to the lies which Lixie has foisted upon you.

a) I was all for staying at work and suffering with my flu but Alex insisted that I go to the doctor and suggested that I return home.
b) She's a poo
c) I didn't ask her to not go to knitting, she seemed very ready to stay here.
d) I got her the crochet book because she is lovely (though please see b) )
e) Alex will not be permitted to knit at the football nor are Manchester United's players ugly, they are amongst the most beautiful to play the beautiful game.

This was Pooch, you may worship me as you please

rho said...

Oh, Pooch - the only people who will believe EVERYTHING you said are not married - we all know that men are the worst patients ever. ;D

and I have a friend who always told me that Manchester United was poo....not that I would personally know - but then again she was from Sheffield

Spinningfishwife said...

Lemmie get this`re going to marry and perhaps interbreed with a man who gets antsy when you play with your stash?????
All men turn into two year olds that wany their mum when they`re ill. It`s because they don`t have to do pregnancy and childbirth so they want some attention of their own. Ignore them. Do it once you`ll still be doing it in fifty years.
But the stash thing is important. You want to get that glitch trained out of him before the wedding.

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