Thursday, 29 March 2007

You know how sometimes you write a big long post about socks and then blogger eats it?

Ah well, poo happens.

This really rubbish montage is the result of my frustratons with trying to manipulate many images of socks, all of which are potential candidates for the sockwool by SP gave me that I blogged about first thing this morning. I want to do it justice and so I present, for your entertainment ...

I keep changing my mind. The green ones are from this website which has some awesome socks on it. The others... well, you'd have thought I'd have written them down somewhere. Um, I'll find them. Um. Anyway, which one? I think I've gone off the plain ones with the spiralling eyelet. The beaded ones are nice but somehow don't feel right for this yarn. Hell, should I just blow the $6 and get the pattern for the green ones?

A couple of people have asked where the sock yarn was from (apart from it being from my secret pal) and it is this website which needs flash but is worth it as it is all dynamic and flashy. This is the blog of the dyer too which has a 'translate' link for english. I've just been having a great time trying to wok out what she meant in the first place from the translation. Whatever it is she has this rather amazing mobius wrap going on that looks moth eaten and yet utterly glamourous! And the last link is the socks my pal is knitting although she has made some changes to it. It's a free pattern and they are lovely knee socks so it's well worth a look.

Podcast should be up tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I really think the Cable Twist Socks (the ones completely on the right) would look great, but since the pattern is written for worsted weight yarn, you will have to add one repeat (14 stitch repeat) and who knows if it will still a woman's size foot, or add purl stitches between the cables. In any case I like them the best. The twisted flower sock is, I've heard, completely insane and may be the sort of thing that you can't knit away from a quiet place with the pattern right in front of you at all times. I haven't tried it, but if you do a search, you can see some knitters have started them. I did buy her Thelonius pattern, and it's pretty crazy even though the finished sock looks deceptively simple *smile*. That said, the new Cookie A. patterns are incredibly well written. If nothing else, perhaps some baby cable rib socks:

I do agree a pattern with some um, pattern, to it will look great with the yarn as the color changes are subtle.

your secret pal

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to add if anyone is inspired to order from Wollmeise for that yarn, the color I picked for you is in the dark/intense version of the Wilder Mohn colorway. Wollmeise lets you know about color variations for each of her colorways, and I tend to ask for the super saturated ones. She speaks great english and replies promptly via email.

lixie's secret pal

Artis-Anne said...

I have to admit those green ones look wow'ser to me . What a fantastic site and I just love the mobius shawl ,so stunning , would love to make that one

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