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Twitter on Tutorial Tuesday

It's Tutorial Tuesday. And this week, it's Twitter. What is Twitter?
Twitter is a free service where you can send messages to your "followers". Messages are a maximum or 140 characters long. So that's 140 letters, including spaces, punctuation, web addresses or whatever else you want to include. 
Essential vocab and basics Followers = people who are subscribed, or who "follow" your tweets.Tweets = the messages you send through Twitter are referred to as Tweets. Reply = messages intended for just one person, but which will be seen by everyone following you. Adding a @ symbol in front of someone's twitter name indicates your message is directed at them. Example below.  @ can also be used to indicate who you are talking about. In the first of the hashtag examples below, as well as using a made up hashtag (explained below) I've also indicated who Sister Diane is. This means others can click on her name and see her tweets. Retweet = a message someone else…