Monday, 14 March 2011

6 Years of Lixie

Today is the 6th anniversary of this blog. From that first week when I couldn't get the pictres to work properly, through all the ups and downs, I have arrived here - somewhat bruised and battered but still in pretty good nick.
Looking back I see a mention of my stash filling 4 boxes (fairly small ones too from the picture) at the time when Pooch and I first moved in together and wondering whether to try and hide this from Pooch and enter into a life of deceit, or just brazen it out. Considering that after my recent move to a much smaller flat it was 4 bin bags worth, and that was after a massive destash, I am once again struck by how things that seemed so important or tragic or serious just a few years ago become so nonsensical and trivial with hindsight. In a few years am I going to be looking back on my marriage breakup in much the same way as I do on when Matt Andrews didn't really notice me when I was 14? Back then I'd spend hours writing in my diary about how unfair it was. Now I have a blog. Somethings change while others stay the same.

Of course there have been some great times over the last 6 years. I've made brilliant friends through knitting and blogging - Nickerjac especially who I first 'met' through her blog (and blogged about the day we first actually met back in June 2005). It was together that we started SkipNorth and although I'm very sad to have missed out on the recent one I'm really proud of how they have grown from such humble beginnings. It was also Nickerjac who taught me magic loop which enabled me to move from my obsession with socks knitting flat and seamed up the sides to actual proper socks, which are now my default go to item if I want something fairly calming to knit.

My recent rerun with depression has made it harder to think ahead, and certainly when this episode first started I couldn't think 6 minutes ahead, never mind any longer than that. Thanks to my Mum and the meds I am now feeling a lot better and will be back at work again next week. I think looking ahead another 6 years might be a bit ambitious, but let's put some goals in for the next 6 months.
  • Finish the blog header I started, or at least did an M and an I for.
  • Find a knitting group and go at least twice a month.
  • Finish the hexagon patchwork quilt.
  • Book a holiday to replace the one to Seville I've just had to cancel.
Modest ambitions, but all achievable.

To end, I've put together some photos, although these are only for the last four years since I wasn't using Flickr before then.

Littlelixie's 4 years of Lixie photosetLittlelixie's 4 years of Lixie photoset


Knit Kat said...

Hi Lixie, thanks for being so frank about your life and all its ups and downs. I am sure this will be a new beginning for you now, and new beginnings are always very exciting. I am about to start my own blog, and yours is a good example to follow.
We missed you at Skip North, but look forward to seeing you there next year - as the new Lixie. All the very best to you!

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

congrats on making it thus far, and here's to the next 6 years which will hopefully have more highs and fewer lows

Nevisknitter said...

Your blog is a real inspiration, you have a real knack for finding quirky exapmles of crafts to write about.
Do you think theres a link between your Skipnorth trips and the growing stash.
Missed you this weekend, thanks for organising trips to Texere and Bombay stores this year, now got to try to stuff all my newly aquired stash into a suitcase as DH is moaning about the amount of yarn I have as its all over the house (out of site is out of mind)

L said...

Happy 6th!
Thank you for writing.

Heather Cawte said...

Six years! I had no idea it was that long :) Well done on making it so far, and lots of love and hugs for the future :))))


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