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The House Byrne Unbuilt

I started packing on friday night (social diva that I am). A rather thunderous thought struck me - that I was now dismantling the home I had tried to build for Pooch and I.
I've blogged quite a few times about creating a home. Most memorably for me is when Pooch and I got married and he said I could have as much wool as I liked because now it was like I was building a nest for us both.
Of course that didn't go so well because I ended up cocooning myself from real life with the stuff. And who can forget the immense amount I then got rid of just a few months ago. Then there are the pictures on the walls which I blogged about here and the Pins on Pinterest I hve gathered about what I hoped it would end up looking like.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
It does scare me a bit - to be moving somewhere new, away from the area I've known for 5+ years now - and to be moving into a new flat - just a flat, not a home. But I'm just trying to view it as a good thing. Time to start fres…