Monday, 26 November 2012

So Much Done, So Little To Show (NaMoBloPo #26)

Usually, right about now, I would be proudly displaying my weekend's output. But most of it is presents. So for instance...what's the big deal with this book?
How and What to Dance Book 2
And why is this deal with the pudding?
Cross Stitch Christmas Pudding and Holly
I just can't say. But I guess the posts after xmas are going to be heavy laden with FOs.

One thing I can share is a tiny bit of patchwork.
Tiny Miniature Patchwork Hexagons
Plus another hexagon made from diamonds.
Diamond Patchwork Star
Actually, when I say a "tiny" bit of patchwork, that's literal.
I put the Chibi in for scale. Each of the tiny hexagons is 1/2" top to bottom. I've never made them that small before (usually mine are more like 2") but I rather like it. It makes you think differently about the fabric you use because so little of the print/pattern is visible on each. I've been toying with the idea of entering the miniature quilt competition at Festival of Quilts next year. It's been my favourite class the last few years so I'd love to be part of it. This is one from the competition this year - about 12" across.

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