Saturday, 1 December 2012

A New Quilt Enters the World

This project has been taking place for quite some time. But finally - a year and a month exactly after starting, I'm done.
Patchwork Quilt
This is a Christmas/wedding present for my sister who gets hitched a week on monday. Which reminds me - the fecking fascinator! I still haven't tried to assemble it. Anyway, I'll worry about that later. Meanwhile...
Detail of Quilt
Picking colours has never been my strong point but I was also challenged to include fabrics to do with Mark (the intended). He used to be in the Navy so the little bear at sea was an easy choice. But Mark also dabbles on the saxophone but I couldn't find any saxophone fabric anywhere. What to do in such a situation? Spoonflower! I washed it as soon as it arrived to check it would be ok and there it is in place.

Since I was already in Boudoir Byrne I paused to take a photo of the bunting. Knitting Sal (for it was she) was the one behind my recent fabric bonanza after her Mum destashed. One of the things included was a number of beautifully made, unassembled triangles for bunting.
Bunting Bedroom
I couldn't resist.
Blue and Yellow Bunting
I've mentioned to a couple of people the perils of renting recently. The place is never your own so you have to be careful both how you mark it (nails in walls etc) and how much bother you go to in decorating it since you don't know when you might be moving out. Hence the wonky bunting and the off-centre picture. I still love it despite that though. All it needs is a little sunshine to bring it alive. Might a be a few months before that though.


Knitting Nix said...

Beautiful work!!


Gorgeousness. Love the colour choice and the whole look of this quilt. I'm sure they'll treasure it for many years.

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