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A New Quilt Enters the World

This project has been taking place for quite some time. But finally - a year and a month exactly after starting, I'm done.
This is a Christmas/wedding present for my sister who gets hitched a week on monday. Which reminds me - the fecking fascinator! I still haven't tried to assemble it. Anyway, I'll worry about that later. Meanwhile...
Picking colours has never been my strong point but I was also challenged to include fabrics to do with Mark (the intended). He used to be in the Navy so the little bear at sea was an easy choice. But Mark also dabbles on the saxophone but I couldn't find any saxophone fabric anywhere. What to do in such a situation? Spoonflower! I washed it as soon as it arrived to check it would be ok and there it is in place.

Since I was already in Boudoir Byrne I paused to take a photo of the bunting. Knitting Sal (for it was she) was the one behind my recent fabric bonanza after her Mum destashed. One of the things included was a number of beautiful…

There Must Be ... 50 Ways to Kill a Knitter (NaMoBloPo #30)

The boys at work, ever sympathetic and supportive of my various plights, loved the idea of a knitting death threat and began to speculate on other ways knitters could bring about each other's demise.

At 1 we have the original suggestion - needle between the ribs. It's not as simple as that though. You'd probably want to go for a metal needle and clearly a straight or dpn rather than a circular. You're going to need a good grip so unless it's an unusually long dpn I'd stick with a straight so you can hold it firmly while still leaving enough length to penetrate the heart or lungs. And I'd suggest no smaller than 4mm because you don't want it to just bend on impact. Ideally you'll want to hit the heart so that death will be more certain so don't forget to check where it is.
Seems like in the UK we get taught it is further to the left than it actually is.

At 2 we have a variation on the whole stabby-pointy-sticks theme. Time to channel your inner s…

Haters Gonna Hate (NaMoBloPo #29)

I'd written quite a long. discursive post about the reaction to yesterday's post but that was before one commenter said I risked ending up with a knitting needle between my ribs. A death threat? Over knitting?


So much hate!

If you genuinely believe yarn bombing serves a useful purpose then you go for it.

It's Not Anarchy, It's Awful (NaMoBloPo #28)

I have just begun another Coursera course. The last was on Gamification, run by the University of Pennsylvania, and was brilliant. This one is called "How to Reason & Argue", run by Duke University, and I've already learnt a lot. For instance, explaining and persuading are ways of arguing. When explaining, the conclusion is already agreed to be true and it is the premise that is being discussed. When persuading, the conclusion has not been agreed and the arguer wishes to bring the arguee to agree with their conclusion. Not knowing the readers' feelings on the topic I don't know if I am explaining or persuading but my conclusion is...

Guerrilla knitting and yarn bombing are a waste of resources motivated at best by a wish to bring craft to the attention of a wider audience and at worst by a self-satisfying desire for attention.

Knitting is awesome. And crochet is ok too. Weaving, spinning all good. Felting - if you must. Some people think it is all grannyish. S…

Fascinating (NaMoBloPo #27)

I've still not started the fascinator for my sister's wedding. I have Milliner's Block.
Nightmare. I think I've made the mistake of acquiring too many materials. I have too many options to choose from.
I feel slightly guilty about the number of feathers I've got. I keep hoping they're the by-product of the food process and there aren't bald birds walking around because of me.

I have found this tutorial on Jezebel now. I knew it was for me when I saw she'd taken a photo of herself with a can of cat food on her head. And then published it online. My kind of lady. There's a lot of people like me out there. Not that the boys at work would agree. But to support my argument I give you this:
This is a man in New York who wanders around with his cat on his head. Yep, that's a real cat. I guess I don't have time to train one. Bummer.

So Much Done, So Little To Show (NaMoBloPo #26)

Usually, right about now, I would be proudly displaying my weekend's output. But most of it is presents. So for instance...what's the big deal with this book?
And why is this deal with the pudding?
I just can't say. But I guess the posts after xmas are going to be heavy laden with FOs.

One thing I can share is a tiny bit of patchwork.
Plus another hexagon made from diamonds.
Actually, when I say a "tiny" bit of patchwork, that's literal.
I put the Chibi in for scale. Each of the tiny hexagons is 1/2" top to bottom. I've never made them that small before (usually mine are more like 2") but I rather like it. It makes you think differently about the fabric you use because so little of the print/pattern is visible on each. I've been toying with the idea of entering the miniature quilt competition at Festival of Quilts next year. It's been my favourite class the last few years so I'd love to be part of it. This is one from the competition…

Swap Time! (NaMoBloPo #25)