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Neighbourhood Patrol

I had a good march around the neighbourhood this week. It is all becoming quite normal to me but so many things are completely different to the way London's residential areas are I thought you might be interested. Let's start with our flat which is within this building, forming the back half of the second floor.
Unlike London, as soon as you move off the main thoroughfare, you are on single lane streets.
Pavements exist occasionally, but usually you just walk along the side of the street. Bicycles are very common but they tend to ride on the pavements or sides of streets like this rather than among the cars. It's a little olde worlde in that people don't bother with bicycle locks - you see them outside lots of houses just on their stands.
Often they'll be alongside pot plants which decorate a large number of doorsteps. With land at such a premium people tend not to have gardens, so decorated doorsteps is very common. For anyone who has lived in London this seems re…

Sewing Conundrums

I have two, no, three sewing issues at the moment. These buttons are not one of them.
I made them for Jasmine's dress to cover up where the poppers are. I used a little button covering kit I came across in a 100 Yen shop. Love those places.

My first conundrum is what to do with this.
It's a 12" block which I made for a 20" cushion cover - so I always knew it would need a border. So I made one but it's not long enough.
So do I make it longer, or do I make some little corner inserty patchwork thing? I'm starting to regret making it to be honest. The linen means it is always going to look crumpled. Bleh. Anyway, onward. Second conundrum is what to make with this:
Two different fabrics which have just arrived for the bloghop "She Who Sews". The print is much bigger than I'm used to so small patchwork designs aren't going to work. Something simple maybe? I dunno. It's just not talking to me. My third conundrum is what to make for the Sewing R…

Kyushibarikyu Gardens, Take Two

(click here or on the image)
Back in June Pooch and I visited these gardens as part of our whirlwind tour of the city. We went back again today to see how they looked in a different season. In a word? Beautiful.
On our first visit it was about 30 degrees, humidity of 99.9% and raining on and off from grey skies. Today was about 5 degrees, normal humidity and bright sunshine from blue skies.
Back then there were perhaps 3 birds in the whole place. This time it looked like flocks of two different types of duck were either pausing in their migration or had bedded down for the season.
They had also tied up some of the trees in these kind of nets - not sure why. It was clearer what the nature of the protection was with these.
I *think* these are Peonies although I could be wrong. They certainly seem rather reminiscent of the fabric you see a lot of here.
Amazing colours.

Pooch and I went for traditional Ramen at a place opposite the station afterwards. Wonderful old dark brown wooden bench…