Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Teaching in San Francisco

Quilty byrne 400pix

Not only do I have a new 'teacher' photo...

...I also have new workshop outlines to put it on. I am the newest teacher to join the Sips N Sews crew which I am very happy about. I also have another workshop coming up at SCRAP which they tell me will go live this week. AND I am teaching for the SF Quilters Guild in a couple of weeks.

Here is the list of what I'm currently offering:

  • Quilt as You Go...Everything!
The project is a cushion cover but I've taught this using hand sewing only at SCRAP and we did pin cushions. Photos show samples.

  • Sew Together Bag
Making the whole thing from start to finish! Pattern included. 
Patchwork Sew Together Bag Patchwork Sew Together Bag

  • Rope Bowls and Dishes
I just made my first one with pompoms and ricrac. Hello silly bowls! But easy to make them classically lovely too. 
Fabric Wrapped Bowl and Coaster

  • Weaving with Fabric and Ribbon
We'll be starting with the 'usual' square weave then trying triaxial or 'mad' weaving. Rainbows are optional.

Rainbow Ribbon Metal Frame Purse

triaxial weaving rainbow

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