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One Week's Crafting

I had two days leave this week so managed to achieve more than a little crafty output. Still buzzed from the Festival of Quilts (reviews here and here) I washed all my fabric (to prevent surprise through later shrinkage) and got on with my nephew's stocking. I know it's early but I wanted to get on with it while I was in the zone.
I am pretty happy with it! I cut fabric strips and sewed them together, sewed them into a tube, cut the tube into strips and then resewed it together, then cut out the stocking shapes and lined them before assembling the whole thing. I can do a tutorial if anyone's interested!

I wanted to personalise it so here is a close up of the top.
It's a bit subtle (i.e. hard to see) but I think that works ok. It's not like it needs to be identified at a great distance.

I finished off the sashiko sample piece from the class I did:
And then very quickly got stuck into the one I had bought from EuroJapan Links.
Yep, finished that too. I *love* sashiko. I …

This Week in London

Crazy clouds over Surrey Quays. 
Or possibly the exhaust trail from a UFO who'd just been to Tesco. Although Monday before 8am (when this was taken) is one of the only times it is ever closed. And so the aliens would have had to queue up with everyone else who inevitably gets there thinking it is one of the 'open all night' days and then stands around outside trying to look like they aren't queuing for Tesco. In which case the UFO people probably just left in a huff and went to Costcutter.
Bats in the rosebush. (I swear I did not put this there. I checked and two days later it is still there.)
Eighties knitwear I wasn't expecting to see again, but am quite pleased about. Cat jumper here I come. (Currently available from your local River Island.)
Why leave it at just one unlikely knitwear item.  (Also in River Island - never rains but it pours.)
Man carrying a tree wrapped in dustbin bags on the tube. 
Trees leaning, leaning, leaning.... Do they grow like that or has the soil…

Festival of Quilts Part 2

Part 1 on Monday was about the exhibition. Part 2 is more about.....the SHOPPING!

This is all the fabric I bought.  There were a couple of groups. The first was cats. It's just a weakness I have. No photo of those in particular. The second is for fruity goodness.  I got a metre if that cherry one. Would love to do a skirt but would need to line it as it's a bit thin. Which reminds me. Why wear a sheer white skirt with dark thong? I can think why you would do that. But I can't help thinking that you're under a misapprehension about what looks....lookable. Unless I'm wrong. I must ask Pooch. Anyway. 
Then there were japanese ones.  And Christmas ones (for little nephew's stocking). And then random ones. This group includes a bolt-end piece I saw in a bargain basket. It's called 'dysfunctional family' and I knew I had to have it when I saw this panel. Perfect!
I also got three feet for my sewing machine.  One is for the machine embroidery course I'm doing in…

Tutorial Tuesday - F is for Freddie

I posted this teaser pic about 5 weeks ago. I can now reveal it was.....
A very special cushion for my sister's birthday. She is somewhat hippo crazy and so when I saw the fabric at Ikea in the spring I knew it had to become something for her. Adding the initial was very easy. I got hold of some double sided fusible webbing - the type of thing which you use to hem trousers without sewing. You can buy sheets of it here (scroll down - no affiliation). If you didn't buy sheets of it you'd just need to be a bit more cretive with the trouser stuff but it would still work.

I played around with some fonts first to get an F I liked but then just ended up drawing one freehand. I cut the webbing (which has paper on both sides) to the right shape and ironed it onto my dotty fabric. I then cut the fabric to the right shape around it and ironed it onto the hippo fabric. I think that would hold it without the need for sewing but for neatness I went round the edge with a small zigzag stit…

Festival of Quilts Part 1

I have got soooooo many photos - about 80. They are all on Flickr here - no need to sign up for anything. So these are just the highlights.

First off, if you're not familiar with 'Festival of Quilts' it is run by the same people who do the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace and elsewhere as well as a load of other things. The company is called Twisted Threads and their website has details of the next and other events. In size it is like Ally Pally (i.e. same number of sellers) except the exhibition is mahoosive. Seriously. I got there at 11.30 and had a class booked for 3.30 and I was immediately panicked that I wasn't going to be able to see all the Quilts. There are a few different categories - classic, art, contemporary, non-quilts (i.e. clothes) and then a group and a children's section. There are also regional or national quilt organisation displays plus special guest areas (there was an inevitable Kaffe Fassett section, but meh, once you've …