Sunday, 10 July 2005

Are you kidding me?

Look what he was doing!!!!
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Eating curry products right next to my silk clapotis. What's with the boy? I shouldn't get too annoyed though. I have been going through a transition in my life - from mid to late 20s - and I have come to realise that i have been dressing like.....Su pollard. I'm using her sacred name as shorthand for when you dress like you used to when you were ten years younger but now you're ten stone heavier and 10 inches wider and look...awful. It's this combined with the fact that you look at clothes and judge them only in terms of comfort. And even worse, comfort = trousers you can wear big pants with. Discomfort = anything that requires less than huge underwear.

I have been moaning about the onset of pollarditus for weeks now and so Pooch finally had enough yesterday and took me shopping. He agreed to buy me clothes on condition that he liked them all, and that they were boho, and that they went together. So this is what we end up with:
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A lacy cream top you can only wear with certain bras and a boho skirt you can not wear big pants with without looking are wearing big pants. It didn't stop here either - there is a white skirt and a brown top. There would have been a little lacy bolero cardi but being a knitter and a yarn snob I recoil from the synthetic yarns they've produced these things in. Later today we are going to look at my wardrobe and he's going to rate my clothes 0-10 on the pollard scale (10=something Su Pollard wouldn't even wear if she were on stage as a pantomime dame). It's for my own good and at my own instigation but is surely a recipe for a fine old argument. The goal is for me to end up with a style that I'm comfortable with (but not in a big pants way, although it could turn out that way) but that is more feminine than my current one. I'm not going to throw anything away, but I might just put it to one side for the duration.

A knitting related thig that goes with this is lace knitting, and here it is Kate who inspires me. The stuff she does is awsome and this is her latest one to get underway and I LOVE it. I would really like to be more of a shawl person. I have always loved Alphonse Mucha's painting and feel sure the women in those would have lots of lace shawls. So need to get choosing on one to start with. Birch from rowan 35 (I think) is a possibility. Will surf and see I guess!


Hazy said...

I like your Su Pollard scale - I dread to think how my own clothes would factor on it.

And that is really a beautiful shawl! I'm looking forward to the days when I am brave enough to have a go at lace.

Yvonne said...

I think I may need to do the Su Pollard test as well!

Don't be intimidated by lace knitting - it doesn't have to be done on itsy bitsy needles with thread. I've some great boho shawls made on 9mm with Silkwood handpaint yarn that can be made in a couple of nights. I'll be happy to share the pattern once I write it down!


Ha ha, Pollard scale, that's fantastically funny. I too am struggling with a late twenties 'am I too old / too young to wear this' identity. Half the skirts in the shops look like the ones I had when I was a thirteen year old borderline goth. I kind of like them still, but can't part with the hard cash to try them again. Add to that the fact that the amitryp. seems to be making me pile back on all the pounds that I lost over the past couple of years (It is definitely the drugs fault and definitely in now way a reflection of my lack of will power) and I'm in a fashion nightmare...shawls might be the answer, they're big and cover lots of bits and even if I put on another stone I won't grow out of it.

Andrea said...

The new clothes look great! And you must have been totally invisible 10 years ago if you are now 10 stone heavier!!! There's nothing on you nd I'm sure you'd look totally UN-Sue-Pollard like in anything - even a sack of potatoes!!!!

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