Monday, 11 July 2005

Holiday? What holiday?

The project for the OST got delayed by me being ill and then the bombings on Thursday so I'm trying to get it finished remotely from home. Which means I have to be in contact with work. Which means I get to talk to a senior civil servant complaining about the rude and unhelpful attitude of one of my staff even though I'm not fricking there. Bloody hell.

Have felted a couple of swatches to see how they react - one was knitted with the stuff I dyed with koolaid and the colour stayed perfectly! Even in a machine wash. Felted nicely too. The other one is the debbie bliss soho which I'll obviously need to do on larger needles - maybe 7mm. This (one on right) was done on the recommended 5.5mm.
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Have been umming and ahing about getting some denise interchangables. I'm really fine about knitting on crics now - what was the issue dude? - so rather than pay £2.50 a pair for each length vs size combination doesn't it make sense to splurge? Have a load of stuff on ebay so will wait until that has sold now before actually doing it - need £34 inc postage to get them in my paw.

Just waiting for my Pooch to come back to me - he is very uncomfortable about travelling at the mo - as is everyone I should think - so will be good to get him back for a hug. Once I've finished the (now) hated cable red top (still fiddling with the back) I'm going to have another go at altering his space invaders jumper so it is about half the size and actually fits him.

Ok, before I go, one more thing. Look what I did today - bread. (Yeah, I know I used a machine and it does it all for you, but still....I made bread!).
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scarletprincess said...

I totally agree about the interchangeables! The Loop-d-Loop book needs a zillion different size/length combos! i'm currently trying to justify the splurge myself! Dress is in the dryer now... let u know how it goes!

Kate said...

This is getting totally scary - I made bread in the machine today, too! Did I hear you want to knit lace? Welcome to the dark side. Any help needed? Cheerfully given - if I can.

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