Friday, 15 July 2005

Salsa tonight

  1. Pooch agreed three weeks ago to go to Salsa tonight.
  2. It has come up in discussion several times since then.
  3. He said about 10 days ago that he had heard there would be lots of women there looking sexy and dancing - he now says this was not an indication he wanted to go but an attempt to make me uncomfortable about going.
  4. He just told me at about 9.30am this morning via text that he actually did not want to go.
  5. He has left it to me to tell his friends about his decision.
  6. I would now be the only one not coupled up if I still go which means I'd be dancing with the leftovers.
He has suggested it is unreasonable for me to be upset about this as he only originally said yes to stop me from becoming annoyed and I should have known that. So, acknowledging the fact that I did find it surprising he agreed so easily in the first place and that I know him quite well and was aware it was quite likely he would disappoint me again, should I be annoyed? And, depending on how I take this (resigned or annoyed) what should be my course of action?


Becky said...

I think it depends on how much you wanted to go - if you really wanted to go and are quite annoyed - I would go anyway - to make a statement - even though you might have a rotten night.

If you aren't that annoyed really and knew it would probably end this way - just take it as it comes - take advantage of an unexpected evening together and maybe do something surprising - take him out to dinner, or book cinema tickets - make it a surprise.

Whatever you decide to do - I hope you have a lovely evening.


pixeldiva said...

[opens up book of advice not taken]

1. he agreed to go. if he didn't want to go he should have said so.
2. why on earth would he want to make you feel uncomfortable about going rather than saying he didn't want to go - that's just not cricket.
3. he should have had the spine to say he didn't want to go.
4. backing out via sms on the morning is not on.
5. leaving you to tell his friends is also not on.
6. whether you should have known he was only saying yes to placate you is neither here nor there.
7. you are perfectly entitled to be annoyed. whether you were expecting him to let you down or not.
8. expecting to be disappointed does not make it ok for him to disappoint you.
9. if it were me I'd not go cos I'm a chicken like that, but I'd make it pretty clear that I was annoyed... and i'd make him tell his friends and explain his reasons why.

Either way, sounds like a crappy situation, but hope it doesn't ruin your whole weekend.

Jess said...

Hope it doesn't ruin your week-end! But can't suggest what you could do... but if it were me, a. I'd be ratty; b. I'd not go ('cause I am chicken too); c. think up a suitably fun alternative.

scarletprincess said...

I'd be p*d off as well, but instead of being moody like me you should find something good that both of you will enjoy and make him promise to be honest in future.

Emily said...

I'd be annoyed, he should've been straight with you from the beginning. On the other hand perhaps he had planned to go but had an attack of nerves last minute and made up all that nonsense to get out of it just because he was afraid of looking foolish in front of you. Men are strange creatures after all.

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