Tuesday, 12 July 2005

*such* a productive day

So we'll gloss over dinner. I followed the recipe to the L.E.T.T.E.R. and it all stuck - edible but looked as if someone had already eaten it. So we'll leave that behind and move on. A rather irritated me wearing my lovely scarf - all finished!
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I love the suggestion that the wool fairy will now come and leave something under my pillow :) I haven't done anything this quick for ages and even though in many ways it is hideous, I absolutely love it. (I may well be wearing it at the Knitting and Crochet Guild meet-up on Friday. British Museum restaurant at 5pm for anyone in the vicinity.) Here is a close up, mainly just so that I can use the word fibre again - check out those....fibres.
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I know what you're thinking - anyone can pick up some 20mm needles and three balls of whatever from their stash and knit a scarf. And you're right. But B*E*H*O*L*D* the ball.
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Oh yeah, baby, work it work it. I needle felted some merino into a rough ball and then added the wednesleydale or whatever the (blatantly brightly coloured) sheep are called over the top. I've deliberately left it a little fuzzy so I don't lose the texture of the we....whatever sheep bits.

Just to make this post even longer I wish to report that I went to see my accountant today. Yes, my accountant. Ha! I have an accountant! It was my first consultation about starting a business and has got me all fired up again. I came home and rang LLoydsTSB for a loan. I have banked with them for 14 years so I didn't expect any problems and indeed everything went swimmingly until...."have you had any health problems necessitating a visit to a doctor in the last 12 months" 'yes' "oh....what was it in connection with" 'Depression' "oh - it seems you've been declined for that loan but you can have one over a shorter pay back period at a higher interest rate" ....just incase you go nuts again miss byrne and we don't get our money back. Dude!! I'm not keen on multiple exclamation marks but...dude!!


Jess said...

Love that scarf - it is fab! And what a great haul from the hand weavers studio - I must visit again now that I can spin. Happy needle felting!

Becky said...

Wow that scarf is fantabulous - what a result - you should have yarn dreams more often.

Loans are a nightmare aren't they - my DH has recently gone self employed and we have found that a whole raft of options are now closed to us - oh well. It seems that if you don't fit their idea of "normal" - you don't get the same service.

What kind of business are setting up if you don't mind me asking ?

Anna Sorrentino said...

Great scarf - sooo gorgeous! :)

Apologies in advance for the silly question... but what is that ball for?? I mean is it made up of winded up thread that you're going to knit? Cos it looks all fused together, and if that is the case I don't quite understand the purpose... Am I just being slow?

Sorry to hear about the loan... being going through something similar with our bank as we (DB & I) run our own business and are perceived as 'risky' so put our plans on hold for a little while... Anyway, what kind of business are you planning to set up, if it's not top secret?

Have a nice day,


Iris said...

Thanks for your comments on my journal in the last few days - I'll post a picture of my felted bag soon (it's currently drying out in the sunshine...).

As for the knitting machine - don't let it scare you! :) Once I got the hang of it it became much easier and by now I have also figured out where most of my initial problems came from - something called the 'sponge bar' needs replacing. If it's worn out it means that everything you knit gets constantly stuck on the carriage. I will post how it goes...

Oh, and your scarf looks great, and I LOVE the ball! I will have to try this at some point!

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